The Future of Art is Urban

Artistic Research Practices and Methods in Social Sciences

30 May - 14 June, 2014

Enclave Gallery

The Future of Art is Urban blends the borders between art and social science. The exhibition presents a wide range of different social research practices in which knowledge is produced through artistic approaches. Participants use the city as a site of confrontation and interaction and invite our immediate reflections. 

Dominika Blachnicka–Ciacek, (Dis)appearance

Holly Gilbert, Mapping Berlin: Memories in the present moment

Harriet Smith, Jae Jae Sleeping Tiger
Photographs and drawings

Felipe Palma, The Region
Documentary, Chile

Katalin Halász, Cruising Black Women

Sara Faridamin, Dubai

Viktor Bedö, Operation Noose

Street game

Philippa Thomas, Grand Designs
Short story

Alexandra Baixinho, Waterscape
Time-lapse video installation

Christian von Wissel, Birds on Traffic
Mixed media and sound installation

Luca M Damiani, Giraffes of London

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Katalin Halász
PhD in Visual Sociology