Visualising Affect

co-curated with Polly Card

8 - 10 July, 2013

Lewisham Arthouse

Visualising Affect provides a compelling argument for an aesthetic engagement with affect and offers an insight into the ways in which social research remains concerned with the role and possibilities of feeling.

The exhibition brings together works of art from different countries and from a range of disciplines. The artists, film makers and sociologists tackle issues that resonate across South Africa, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, South Korea, the UK, Bolivia.They force a holding together and a dismantling of the affects that we bring to 'crude' categories – to borrow Yasmin Gunaratnam's word – of race, gender and sexuality.

Sutapa Biswas, Untitled (The Trials and Tribulations of Mickey Baker), 1997

(Re-edited and remastered 2002)
Video still

Sutapa Biswas, Magnesium Bird, 2004
Video still

Nirmal Puwar, Brace Yourself, 2013

Installation view

aruma-Sandra De Berduccy, Qaiturastro 2007
Video still

Yasmin Gunaratnam, The Prince and the Pee Blind Date, 2013
Audio poems

Yasmin Gunaratnam, The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind, 2013
Inkjet transfer prints on cotton handkerchiefs

Laura Cuch, No Ma, 2011


Yvonne Füeg, Your Name is Paul, 2013
Video still

Karin Michalski, The Alphabet of Bad Feelings featuring Ann Cvetkovich, 2012
Video still

Julio González Sánchez, The Kiss, 2010

Video still

Konstantinos Panapakidis, Dragging The Past, 2013
Film, 60 minutes

Jane Jin Kaisen and Guston Sondin-Kung, TheWoman,The Orphan, and The Tiger, 2010
Film, 72 minutes

Jack Tan, The Green Women and The Defenders of England. 2012
Film, 13: 21 minutes

Justin Archer, Martin Bleazar and Rosanna Scott,Two Stories, 2012
Film, 30 minutes

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Katalin Halász
PhD in Visual Sociology